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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oil Painting.

I think that I have it out for Oil Painting now. I can't stop. Ever since I've Painted with the reference of Skip Liepke beside me its just taken off from there. Just have a look for yourself. Its not the best thing the world, but its a lot better than the stuff I did before! I have Like 7 seven paintings going on at once.

The piece with the girl who has her back facing towards the viewer is heavily inspired by Skip. Its basically the exact same pose as one of his paintings. I pretty much did this as a tribute to him. The Girl in the blue dress is a zoomed version of the Alice in Wonderland Painting that I'm working on. This is the first part of it; the second part is still understand conceptualization. The Third Paint is just a figure painting from class. I really like this one; it was experimental. This has to be one of my better ones this year! I hope you enjoy these paintings. There will be more on the way!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Wow, its been a while.

Well,I have been doing a lot of artwork for the past couple of months. Part of the reason that I haven't been posting is that I forgot my password ,plus I don't have my own computer anymore. so heres some art. Did I mention that I got a lot better? we I have... haha